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Tips for new pet youtubers | LIVESTREAM


I am live with Danny from Danny's Aquariums and we will be talking about tips and advice for new youtubers.
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  1. I am planning on making a YouTube channel, I don’t have filming things for it just yet. But I’m planning on focusing on betta breeding and to inspire and educate new and younger betta breeders, right now I am working on a large fish room for breeding since I am working on a business to help get new breeders nice fish and pairs for a lot cheaper price. I’ve noticed the boom in betta breeders and get questions all the time. Id like to take my knowledge and post it here on YouTube. Ive also seen the fish bullies as well, where people will make hate groups about others cross breeding bettas there first time breeding or something stupid! I’ve gotten so much hate the first time I breed (I breed Combtails, they are actually really cool and interesting tail type) and I was given hate and discouraged which is something I want to address and push against because those new breeders are our new generation of betta breeders . I’m done ranting! I did miss the stream but I can still watch it and give likes 😀❤

  2. 😃You’re Polish! My Grandpa is Polish🇵🇱 too. My Great Grandparents came over from there and he was born in the US. So cool😁..I love life with Pets. That’s actually how I found your channel, Kasia☺️. The best fish I ever had came from a ‘Mom and Pop’ aquarium store. Not putting down big chain stores but as Danny said, the specialty stores do know more about fish. I’ve seen a few of Challengethewild’s videos. He seems like a super nice kid but my energy went down the drain from watching his videos😅😅😅. I’m like twice his age and a super mellow, quiet, extreme introvert so his energy was a bit intense for me, personally lol. I do appreciate his passion for fish👍though. Snow leopards are one of my favorite animals too😄. I love snow leopards, ALL the owls 🦉, arctic and fennec foxes 🦊. Favorite pets are cats, small to medium size dogs, and Betta Fish. I love your little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ shirt😍!..My Mom always wanted a koi pond but it does seem a bit complicated and probably expensive🤔? I did a water change for my betta once an I was dumping the old water into a bucket and a bit of it splashed into my mouth😱🤢. It didn’t have a strong taste either way but it was still gross😅..✌️❤️


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