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Tip for teaching your dog to like groomingdog training


Default leave it from treats for conditioning handling and grooming.

This video is just a demo of how working on the default leave it from the bait bag or treat container can be so useful when using food to train your dog to like being groomed, handled or veterinary care.

In the video I show how I make getting a treat contingent on being brushed or having their teeth brushed.

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  1. I absolutely love your videos.. ive transferred some of the skills to my kitten and shes learning fast! and im getting a puppy soon Cant wait!!

  2. i would be so grateful if you could make a longer video on counter conditioning with grooming. i have a 9 year old rescue dog who has a history of abuse and forceful grooming, so when he’s got a poopy butt or a mat it’s almost impossible for me to take care of it without him being muzzled and restrained, or distracted by treats (which still only buys me a few seconds at a time before he gets overwhelmed).

    1. candaysium Have you tried practicing like this video where it’s a super short training session when she doesn’t actually need grooming? A session with one or two touches of the brush and then a treat (10 seconds of training) and do it every day. Once she gets that, add in a super short mock grooming sessions of a few brushes or a tiny bit of body handling after you have dished out her meal but before you give it to her. If you work this into your routine she will start to look forward to it. You can work up to stronger pressure and longer tolerance slowly over time. Give it a few weeks of this tiny bit of daily training and you may be shocked at the progress you see. And everybody can find a few seconds a day to squeeze in a short session.

  3. I am loving these short little tidbits. Short targeted snippets like this make a great alternative/additional teaching delivery for visual learners. I could easily send a link to a client ahead of a lesson planned for grooming so they would be primed for trying it out!


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