Dom Pas trening Stop bothering the treat bag or treat containterdog training

Stop bothering the treat bag or treat containterdog training


This is the default leave it from the treat bag or treat container exercise to teach your dog to not bother or be distracted by the treats you are using while training.


  1. Could you offer any advice for stopping my dog begging and nuzzling peoples pockets while out walking. On a walk in our local woods, numerous walkers carry treats in their pockets to which my 3 year old Flatcoat enjoys pestering them. I have started putting her on her lead when I see these people because she is embarrassing. It’s like shes never been fed. At home myself and my partner have never rewarded this behavior and we have both tried to stop her doing this with great success. Unfortunately she seems to think this doesn’t apply to other people who don’t seem to have enough authority to command her to stopHow should I approach stopping this behavior, she is a very clever dog. Should I be trying to build a strongerleave itcommand and get her to sit by me with rewards and tell the other dog walkers not to feed her. I hate that she jumps up to strangers because she will not offer this behavior to me or my partner because she knows not to. She knows mugging is wrong yet she does it with strangers???? I’ve just started watching all your videos again as we’re getting another Flatcoat puppy during the year and I wanted to refresh my memory with a few techniques and you have also been such a great trainer. Any help her would be great 🙂


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