Casa Collettiva dell'animale domestico Oggi ho imparato: Ducks

Oggi ho imparato: Ducks


WHAT THE DUCK. Did you know that ducks feathers are pretty much waterproof?! Watch this video filled with duck fun facts and become a little smarter than you were 3 minutes ago.

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  1. I lived on a large pond in MA and every year the Mommas took their ducklings to the stone wall of our little beach area where theyโ€™d spend a couple hours jumping off into the water. They were so cute to watch! Climb back up and jump again! Playtime was over when Mom got in the water and theyโ€™d swim away. They, and some of the Canada Geese got used to seeing us and had no problem bringing their little ones around us ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Fun fact : muscovy ducks don’t quack. Instead they make a hissing sound. This makes people believe they are geese


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