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NEW Pet Room Tour!


Pet Room Tour!


✿ Social Media ✿

► Instagram: erinspets
► Snapchat: erins-ark
► Website: www.erinsark-petcareguide.com
► E-mail: [email protected]

✿ Filming/Editing ✿

► Camera: Sony a5000 & GoPro
► Editor: iMovie (for mac) & Wondershare Filmora
► Music: YouTube Audio, Bensound, Purple Planet & Incompetech


  1. First

    Edit: I meant second, because apparently I wasn’t first, but I was the first to say first. I am very sorry for the inconvenience everybody. I am so sorry. 🙄

    1. Erin’s Ark Your welcome! You look after your animals so well it makes me and my family very happy when we watch your videos 💗

  2. i love that you have a sofa in there haha, it must be a great spot for watching the skinny pigs! it’s a shame sooty didn’t get along with the others but like you said there’s not much you can do about it. i love all the setups, i wish i had a big room like this! loved seeing all the pigs explore too! <3

  3. Wow I love it looks amazing! Your so lucky wish I could have a pet room! I want our study downstairs but my dad won’t let me 😔

  4. Erin I love wa uve done with the room and personally think it’s so much better then being in their and u get ur room back lol I love ur set ups u always inspire me with my pigs have u ever thought of when u adopt this young female keeping the 4 girls together in that room permanently I know I don’t know teacake but she seems a lot more content in this group and I think it would do her good having a young pig with her as roxy and oreo are a bit older


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