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Instant Regret Pets | Funny Pet Video Compilation


Instant regret! Sometimes animals let their curiosity get the best of them and they get themselves into situations that they instantly regret.

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  1. What kind of person films a poor cat, hooked in a string, begging to turned loose? This is not funny, should be removed.

    1. exactly my thought, I don’t know what’s funny about a cat whose paw is stuck to a string and it can barely move.. fucking russians

  2. So funny to watch animals in distress, like a poor cat with its claw stuckDon’t know why I’m subscribed to this awful channel.

    1. Jonny2myren why are you subbed what can they do they don’t own the pets. If you don’t find it funny then you can check out a new vid or leave

    2. Jonny2myren don’t overreact the cat wasn’t in distress and didn’t look like it was in pain. One video that you don’t agree with doesn’t make this channel awful

  3. Why everytime, when animal is struggling, the person will film that and laugh at it? Does person have something in the brains, or it’s empty? Animal need your help, not this kind of action.


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