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Example of Management in a Multi-Dog HouseholdDog Training


One of the lectures I am presenting at Best Friends for the PPG is on creating Peaceful Multi-dog Households. Here is a video of when Martina Sunnas and I lived together with all our dogs and Martina just got a new puppy. Instead of just seeing what might happen when having all the dogs eat high value chews together for the first time, we used management and prevention. All the adult dogs were already trained not to bother others with their chews, but Lumos the puppy didn't know that yet. Often, puppies will see what another dog is eating and even although they have something that is similar they might drop what they have and run over to the other dogSo instead of just hoping that didn't happen, we set up the environment for success! Lumos was put on leash, so if he suddenly decided to bother the other dogs, he wouldn't be able to, before he had learned leave it or a recall with reliability. Another thing to do is giving the puppy a chew that lasts longer than the other dogs chewsSo that the puppy doesnt end up frustrated after he finishes what he has and the other dogs are still eating. If the puppy did finish the chew, you could sit with the puppy and feed high value treats for the puppy just continuing to settle and not bother the other dogs. If you have dogs that do "hover" over other dogs eating you would need to use prevention like a leash or baby gate. If you have a dog who guards food, you have to take even further precautions, as the excitement of eating something novel or extremely high value can then affect their behavior, even after the chew is goneFor example, they could suddenly revert to guarding crumbs on the kitchen floor that they have overlooked before, or guarding the location they ate the chew in.


  1. Beautiful! And thank you for spreading the message of controlling a new dog’s environment before they’ve had certain training! Fido doesn’t knowleave ityet and might be in a situation where that skill is important, like chewing the tasty wooden banister? Control Fido’s freedom instead of asking skills not taught yet and then getting upset when Fido’s doesn’t respond! Wonderful message for owners of any new dog, puppy or adult!

  2. I just LOVE your channel and all your amazing videos! I have been watching them a lot recently and finding heaps of training inspiration. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I was wondering if you have any videos, or could point me in the direction of any resources regarding managing a multi-dog household where dogs do not get along? One of my dogs is dog aggressive to new dogs, and starts fights with my other dogs periodicallyusually in relation to resources or space, and there are serious ‘bad vibesbetween her and the other dogs when they are excited or in close proximity. We have a great crate/rotate system going and the aggressive girl is muzzle trained (though she doesn’t wear this indoors as she likes to rub it on me/the other dogs which winds them up) have had no fights for a long time now, but I would love to learn any options for management and training which might mean they can have more freedom, and even possibly learn to cope better when near one another.


  3. I love this! My in-laws have a relatively new puppy, and whenever we bring my dog over there they can never handle having treats or bones around without getting into a squabble (never really a fight, just some strong body posturing). We’ll have to rethink our methods and do something similar to this!


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