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Cats Knocking Things Over | Funny Cat Compilation


Why do cats constantly knock things over? No inanimate object is safe around cats. Watch these hilarious cats knock things off tables, shelves, dressers, literally anything!

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  1. To the girl at 0:52, if the item was too precious, take it away you just had plenty of opportunity to save it instead you just watched it get tossed to the ground. Don’t be an idiot.

  2. I like how the Asian lady initially panicked about the broken glass, “no no no!” But then thought about the Instagram views so let the cat do it and keep filming.

  3. Omg my mom use to have arguments with the family cat every morning because she use to drop her favorite glass cups but when my cat died. My mom wailed like a little girlmy cat died!”

  4. Can someone please, seriously please explain to me why cats do this? I don’t mean the jokey answers people always give about cats testing gravity, I want to know for real, if anyone can give an explaination for this behaviour. Why do cats knock things down, is there a legitimate reason for why they do this?

    1. weldonwin To a cat, any small object could potentially be prey. And so they’ll push it onto the ground to see if it moves. You’ll see that they always look down after the object they’ve pushed.
      It’s all basically a form of play that modern domestic cats never grow out of, because they’ve never had to become real hunters.

    2. Thank You, thank you so very much. I’ve asked this question before and only ever gotten joke answers and its been driving me crazy

  5. A-ha! There’s the evidence!!! Cats would knock everything off the edge of the of Earth if it was flat! Sorry Flat-Earthers, *Earth is round* 😀


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